A brief history of SPR-Europe

The history of SPR-Europe started with a meeting held in Trier (Germany) in 1981, the "1st European Conference on Psychotherapy Research". The conference proceedings have been edited by Minsel & Herff (1983; Frankfurt: Peter Lang). In these initial years, the structure of the European regional chapter was not defined in a very formal manner; everything was more a matter of personal initiatives. An important step towards founding the European chapter was the SPR international conference organized in Ulm (Germany) in 1987, during which the European chapter was established. This led to the formal election of Winfrid Huber (Belgium) as chapter president. In the following years, the European chapter has grown to become the largest chapter of SPR, and certainly the most diverse in terms of nationalities and languages spoken by its members. SPR-Europe has organized several regional conferences as well as, in various countries, tutorial workshops and summer schools on psychotherapy research.

Some SPR members may wonder why SPR has two regional chapters in Europe, the (continental) European chapter and the UK chapter. This has historical reasons as two early SPR conferences took place in Great Britain at a time when only a tiny number of non-British Europeans attended.

Past Presidents

  1. Winfrid Huber (1987-1990)
  2. Klaus Grawe (1990-1993)
  3. Horst Kaechele (1993-1996)
  4. Hans Kordy (1996-2000)
  5. Eva Baenninger-Huber (2000-2004)
  6. Giuseppe Nicolò (2004-2007)
  7. Wolfgang Tschacher (2007-2010)
  8. Mikael Leiman (2010-2013)
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