Ravenscar 2009

UK Conference:  14-16 March 2009

Conference Programme

Presentations & Abstracts

  • Empirical Support for Person-Centred/Experiential Psychotherapies: Meta-analysis Update 2008
    Robert Elliott (University of Strathclyde), Beth Freire (University of Strathclyde)
  • Teaching research methods to counsellors and psychotherapists:  Overcoming resistance with innovation and creativity
    Robert Elliott (University of Strathclyde)
  • Filling in the Missing Pieces:  A Comparative Rasch Analysis of Inpatient and Outpatient SCL90R Data
    Robert Elliott, Christine Fox, Svetlana Beltyukova, Andrew Moskowitz, Alison J. Lowit & Linda Treliving
  • Update on the CORE (Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation) system
    Chris Evans
    [abstract | presentation]
  • Clients’ Experiences of Psychodynamic and Brief Psychodynamic Therapy
    Jodie Fellows
    [abstract | presentation]
  • Understanding Therapist Responsive Processes
    Gillian E Hardy and Sari Saatsi
    [abstract | presentation]
  • Hermeneutic single case efficacy design; an example with Paranoid Personality Disorder and call for an expert Personality Disorder panel
    Stephen Kellett
    [abstract | presentation]
  • Complex clients or worried well? Who Counsellors see, how well they are prepared for, and how much affected by it.
    Thomas Schröder, University of Nottingham & Sue Wheeler, University of Leicester
    [abstract | presentation]
  • Too close for comfort. Therapists’ self-reported similarities between their own and their patients’ interpersonal problems are related to negative therapeutic process.
    Thomas A Schröder, University of Nottingham / Derbyshire Mental Health Services NHS Trust & John D Davis, Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust
    [abstract | presentation]
  • Training the Trainers in Research Methods: An evaluation
    Sue Wheeler(1), John McLeod, Robert Elliott, Kaye Richards, Julia Meek
  • The Prevalence and Characteristics of Relational Depth Events in Psychotherapy
    Sue Wiggins, Robert Elliott, Mick Cooper, Jane Balmforth
    [abstract | presentation]