Ravenscar 2010

UK Conference:  24-27 March 2010

Conference Programme

Presentations & Abstracts

  • Personal Lives/ Professional Practice
    Marie Adams, MSc
  • Towards broadening the evidence base submitted to NICE in support of the psychological therapies
    Michael Barkham (Centre for Psychological Services Research, University of Sheffield)
  • The impact and effect of complaints on Psychotherapists and their practice: a qualitative study
    Dr Katherine Barnes, Dr Frank Margison, Dr Linda Berman
  • Compendium: A computerised programme for the tracking and measurement of group process
    Marion Brown, Andy Downie, Nicole Howard (Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, Aylesbury) & Simon Buckingham Shum (Knowledge Media Institute, Open University, Milton Keynes)
  • Therapeutic relationships with multiple professionals in community mental healthcare
    Jocelyn Catty, Sarah White, Sarah Clement, Naomi Cowan, Gemma Ellis, Connie Geyer, Pascale Lissouba, Zoe Poole and Tom Burns for the ECHO Group
  • Therapeutic Relationships in vocational rehabilitation: the interaction of two relationships for people with severe mental illness
    Jocelyn Catty, Marsha Koletsi, Sarah White, Thomas Becker, Angelo Fioritti, Rana Kalkan, Christoph Lauber, Pascale Lissouba, Wulf Rössler, Toma Tomov, Jooske T. van Busschbach, Durk Wiersma & Tom Burns for the EQOLISE Group
    [part1  | part2]
  • Changes in Object Relations following Time Focused Group Psychotherapy with Women who Experienced Childhood Abuse
    Gerardine Curtin PhD (HSE W/Queens University, Belfast), Dr KarenTrew (Queens University, Belfast), Dr Raman Kapur (Threshold, Belfast)
  • Person-Centred/Experiential Approaches to Social Anxiety: Initial outcome results
    Robert Elliott & Brian Rodgers (University of Strathclyde)
  • Complexities of measuring change in psychotherapy
    Chris Evans
  • A randomised controlled pilot trial of CAT for stressed pregnant women with underlying anxiety and depression.
    Jane Hamilton (formerly SCT now NHS Lothian), Ian Kerr (formerly SCT/ScHARR now NHS Lanarkshire), Hilary Beard (SLAM), Vivette Glover (Imperial College), Dave Saxon (ScHARR), Stephen Walters (ScHARR)
  • Group Person-Based Cognitive Therapy for distressing voices: Views from the hearers
    Dr Mark Hayward (Director of Research)
  • Preliminary development and  evaluation of an instrument to measure ‘subjective communality’
    Abernathy Kerr et al. (NHS Lanarkshire)
  • VIRTUES AND VICES OF A TEAM APPROACH: researching the management of boundaries in therapy
    Carol Martin, Bonnie Meekums, Mary Godfrey and Anna Madill (University of Leeds Research funded by the BACP)
  • Neutralising the patient’: therapists’ accounts of sexual boundary violations
    Nick McNulty, Fiona Warren, Jane Ogden
  • The NICE Depression Guidelines and the recovery model: is there an evidence base for IAPT?
    Susan McPherson, Chris Evans, Phil Richardson
  • A new self-report measure of mentalization: the Reflective Function Questionnaire
    Dr. Alesia Perkins (Clinical Psychologist, University of Surrey & UCL)
  • Difficult Moments with Difficult Patients
    Thomas A Schröder (Institute of Work, Health & Organisations, University of Nottingham)
  • Researching the Reformulation SPR UK 2010
    Lawrence Welch (Consultant Psychological Therapist, North Tyneside PCT Psychological Therapies Service)
  • The Role of Attachment in brief group therapy for depression: An empirical study
    Dr Jo Wilson, Professor Phil Richardson