Reclaiming the individual in psychotherapy research

2010 Australian Regional Group Meeting
Newcastle, December 8 – December 10, 2010
Pre-conference workshop: Wednesday, 8 Dec
Conference: Thursday, 9 dec - Friday, 10 Dec

Keynote Speakers
Else Guthrie, Manchester Royal Infirmary & University of Manchester
Henry Jackson, University of Melbourne
Len Bickman, Vanderbilt University

The organising committee of the 2010 Australian Regional Group Meeting of the Society for Psychotherapy Research extends a warm welcome to researchers, practitioners and others interested in recent developments in psychotherapy research. The value of psychotherapy in the treatment of uncomplicated depression and anxiety disorders has been well established through efficacy trials. The meeting includes a 1 day pre-conference workshop with Else Guthrie and a 2-day conference for which papers are invited. Participants can register for either or both components.

The Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR)
SPR is an international, multidisciplinary scientific association devoted to research on psychotherapy. SPR encourages scientific research into psychotherapy processes and outcomes. Members are active in research into a wide range of psychotherapies including cognitive and behavioural therapies, psychodynamic and psychoanalytic therapies, family therapies, supportive expressive therapies, group therapies. SPR fosters dialogue and scientific knowledge and, while affirming the value of psychotherapy, does not support or endorse any specific therapeutic approach.

Announcement: Unfortunately one of our keynote speakers, Henry Jackson, is unable to attend due to medical reasons. However, we are fortunate that Robert King is available to step in and present a keynote address on 'Online psychotherapy for adolescents: Opportunities and challenges'