1. 42nd SPR Annual Meeting 2011 Welcome! We are looking forward to seeing you in Bern
  2. Conference Venue Conference Venue The Bern University will host the annual meeting
  3. SPR 2011 in Bern, Switzerland Accommodations find you perfect place to stay
  4. Lester Luborsky Student Poster Award Student Awards Lester Luborsky Student Poster Award


We are excited about hosting the 42nd SPR International Meeting in Bern, Switzerland The local organizing committee has committed itself to organizing a conference which is affordable also to doctoral students as well as retired members in one of the touristically most interesting areas of the world, in spite of the fact that hotel and restaurant expenses may be high unless planned carefully.

The conference will take place in the old university building, right above the main railway station, which is in the middle of the city of Bern.

Please make sure that you plan some extra time to enjoy not only the medieval (Unesco world heritage) old part of the city of Bern, but also the unique mountains and lakes around Bern. If you want to be on the safe(r) side as far as weather is concerned, reserve some days before, and some after the conference. More concrete advice will be available in the first conference newsletter.

Franz Caspar and the local organizing committee

Conference News

06.30.11 Book of abstracts

The online version of the book of abstract is now available [PDF]

06.28.11 Conference Banquet

The banquet starts at 7:30 pm at the Casion

04.16.11 Meeting Workshop Registration

With the aim of having a smooth development of the pre-conference workshops, the program council decided to invite the meeting participants to register prior to these activities.
Click here to sign up for your preferred workshop

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