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Proposed changes to the SPR Bylaws
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Proposed changes to the SPR Bylaws

Please see modifications (in “track changes”) of the “Special interest sections” below that were proposed by the Executive committee at the SPR Meeting in Chile, and cast (before October 1, 2009) a vote “Yes” to approve these changes or “No” to reject these changes.

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C. Interest Sections.

(1) [a] Interest Sections may be formed by members in good standing who wish to pursue their common scientific interests with respect to a specialized area of psychotherapy research.

[b] Interest Sections shall meet in conjunction with international and Regional Chapter conferences, and may hold additional meetings or engage in other activities that are consistent with the Society’s Constitution and By-Laws and do not conflict with international or regional conferences.

[c] Interest Section members may vote to set reasonable dues and fees to support their activities.


(2) An Interest Section of the Society shall be established by the following method:

[a] A petition for formal recognition shall be submitted to the Executive Officer by not less than 25 members in good standing.

[b] The petition shall include a statement indicating (i) the research interest, (ii) name, (iii) aims, and (iv) intended activities of the proposed Section.

[c] The Executive Officer shall bring the petition to the Program Council (see Article IV.D) for review and recommendation to the Executive Council.

[d] Upon approval by the Executive Council, the Executive Officer shall notify the petitioners of their recognition as an Interest Section.


[e] As the field of psychotherapy research evolves, Interest Sections may propose modifications in their configuration to the Program Council, which may result in recommendations for change to the Executive Council.

[f] The overall configuration of Interest Sections may be reviewed by the Program Council, which may result in recommendations for change to Interest Sections.



(3) [a] An Interest Section shall accept to membership all members in good standing (i) who formally indicate an interest in joining when paying annual SPR dues, and (ii) who pay any annual dues established by the Section to support its activities.

[b] Members of an Interest Section shall cease to be members of that Section if they (i) cease to be SPR members in good standing, (ii) fail to pay Section membership dues, if any, for two consecutive years, or (iii) send a written notice of resignation from the Section to both the Section Chair and the Executive Officer.



[a] Each Interest Section shall adopt By-Laws to govern its activities and organization, consistent with the Constitution and By-Laws of the Society.

[b] Interest Section By-Laws must be approved by the Executive Council.


[c] [a] Each Interest Section shall elect a Section Chair to serve not more than two consecutive two consecutive two-year terms or one three-year term. s or one three-year term, and may elect other officers, as specified in Section By-Laws.

[d] Only SPR members in good standing may serve as officers Chair of Interest Sections.


(5) The Section Chair, or other designated Section officer, shall report annually about Section activities to the Executive Committee Program Council.


(6) Interest Sections may establish and maintain liaisons with other professional and scientific organizations that are relevant to their specialized area of psychotherapy or psychotherapy research.


(7) Existence of an Interest Section shall be terminated (i) if the number of members in good standing in the Section falls below 25 for three consecutive years, or (ii) if the Section has become inactive (e.g., has not sponsored Section activity for three years).



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